System S100

Base of this system
S100 is a variable system based on squares of 14.4 x 14.4 cm. Width and storage unit heights can easily be planed by the addition/multiplication of this size.


The five different carcass-heights of the S100 furniture system provide the right furniture for any use. You can select from the following heights: 2H (32 cm), 3H (46 cm), 4H (61 cm), 5H (72 cm) or 6H (90 cm).

S100 Korpushöhen

The S100 basic carcass is available in depths of 43 cm and 51.6 cm for standing against a wall, or a depth of 51.6 cm for use as a room divider. The wall-mounted elements have a depth of 32 cm.

S100 Details

The S100 furniture system is available with a base, with a stainless steel frame in 4 different heights, or wall-mounted.

S100 Höhen und wandhängend